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Kids, Teens & Screens - Midwest Region Parenting Connection WA
Midwest Region Parenting Connection WA proudly presents a webinar with Dr Kristy Goodwin. This virtual masterclass will help confused and concerned parents navigate the digital world with their children and adolescents, without suggesting that they ban devices. Dr Kristy will arm parents with research-based yet realistic advice to help them feel confident about how they can best support their child’s physical health, mental wellbeing and learning as they grow up in a digital world.

Kristy will explore:
// Why young people are susceptible to POTENTIAL PITFALLS ONLINE given what we know about BRAIN DEVELOPMENT;

// Why young people find the online world APPEALING & why they find it hard to SWITCH OFF (there’s science to explain their ‘techno-tantrums’);

// A simple (& realistic) formula to determine healthy SCREEN TIME limits for children and adolescents (based on their BASIC NEEDS);

// Why parents need to be the PILOT of the DIGITAL PLANE and set 5 BOUNDARIES to ensure that young people's time online supports their PHYSICAL HEALTH and MENTAL WELLBEING;

// How to support their child’s 'DIGITAL DNA' and safety when online & be aware of current CYBER-SAFETY RISKS;

// When to introduce and how to best manage GAMING, SOCIAL MEDIA & SMARTPHONES;

// Why DIGITAL DISCONNECTION is critical for children and teens’ PHYSICAL HEALTH and MENTAL WELLBEING.

All attendees will receive an eBook summary with key information, links and resources, plus a digital wellbeing checklist and a PDF guide to support online learning. Register and if you can’t attend live, we’ll send you a link to access the replay.

Oct 20, 2022 06:00 PM in Perth

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